Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 448

No excuses, just an update. I've totally fallen off the wagon. I'm exhausted and completely overwhelmed by life. I just had a great opportunity to go to Nicaragua for five days to learn about some education projects, which was very interesting. But we were kept going straight out for the entire time. So I ate whatever was in front of me when we were given food - it wasn't an insane amount of horrible food, but I was not judicious in what I was eating. And donuts and pastries are definitely in my diet again, as are chocolates, because when I've been so tired I've been eating anything I can to try and stay awake. I need to detox from sugar completely in order to get out of this downward spiral. I've gained some weight back, enough that I actually went back into my bin of old too-large clothes. Some are still significantly too big, but I did wear some in Nicaragua. I felt horribly icky and fat on the trip, and my knees and back are starting to complain again.

Anyone have any constructive ideas for jumpstarting again?