Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 222

Well, the traveling is done for a little while now, and I seem to have survived. This last trip was to Anaheim, and I actually think I did pretty well. The conference was in a GIGANTIC convention center, and instead of feeling whiny every time I had to walk from one end to the other (4 times each day), I embraced it and kept telling myself - think of all the steps you're getting in!! And sure enough, one day I hit 10,000 steps (!), and then the next, when I went to Downtown Disney to do some shopping for the fam, I hit 13,600!!! I was a tired puppy that night though. The woman at the hotel said that Downtown Disney was just down the street, really so close it didn't make sense to take the little shuttle bus - well, I should have been tipped off that there was a shuttle bus FOR A REASON!! It wasn't so bad walking there, but on the way back (carrying multiple bags of crap, er, gifts), I had to keep telling myself that I CAN DO IT and KEEP GOING, these steps are GOOD FOR YOU!!

Eating-wise, I also did okay. I strayed a bit - I just have a hard time turning down free food. That and not finishing everything on my plate are both really hard for me, and something to work on. But there were many times I seriously thought about having crap, especially at Downtown Disney (did you know they pipe the smell of caramel corn into the air around the cart where they sell it? MEAN!), and I resisted pretty much across the board. I am finding a real weakness for crepes these days though, and that was the one thing I indulged in that night (after having a great salad for dinner!) But I resisted the donuts and pretzels in the airport, and still have yet to buy a candy bar, in 8 months (which may not seem like much to some people, and it's not like I ever ate tons of candy bars, but especially when traveling, it was pretty common to pick up a couple of things at the airport news stands for the flight).

Okay, my sister-in-law's wedding is in three weeks and I have nothing to wear. Better get my act (ass) in gear...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 215

Between traveling and work, things have been both busy and stressful. This has not helped with the eating. I have been trying to not "write off the summer," but whether it's an opportunity to have really good food (dim sum in San Francisco), or reacting to stress at work, I keep getting derailed and eating crap. I haven't gone so far as to eat a candy bar or donut, but I've come close, and I've eaten other things that are probably just as bad. And with the weather being insanely hot, I'm not walking either - but yes, again, that's just an excuse and not enough of one if I was really motivated. Sigh. I fly to California again in a couple days, but hopefully will be able to get in a lot of walking at the convention center. It's just really hard when you're out of a routine and on the go...I know it's still possible, but just so much harder.