Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 342

Took a walk today at lunch, thanks to my motivating co-workers (and co-walkers!) Boy, have I lost the progress I had made before. I was hot, sweaty, and out of breath after walking about a mile and a half. Drives home the need to keep doing it...!

I am lucky in that I am not going to a big Thanksgiving dinner this year, so I can avoid the caloric chaos that will be my husband's aunt's house! And, I am going to try try try to motivate to walk Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, since the husband is taking the kiddos to his family and I'm staying home. The other BIG goal for while they're gone in purging - especially the toys, but just trying to clean up and make sense of all the crap that has piled up. I think that those movements will add up to a good number of steps - I just hope I can motivate to do it (although I've now told so many people that's what I'm doing, I will be really embarrassed if I don't!)

I'm tired too..I feel like I had a lot more energy when I had gotten the sugar out of my system...

The next BIG hurdle will be the first week in December - we are taking the kiddos to Disney World! Lots of walking, yes, but LOTS of not-so-good food opportunities...


  1. Good luck with the toy purge! And enjoy the peace and quiet. Get out for your walks or you'll kick yourself when the chaos returns. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Hi. You and I stopped blogging our fitness goals about the same time, so I shall attribute yours to the stress of the holidays just like mine. Let's just start all over again in January. What happened today doesn't matter, and tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives! :) Hope you and your family are doing great. I'm still cheering for you!

  3. Happy New Year. I'd like to make a recommendation--start a whole new blog. Make it pretty (blogger has lots of easy options). Add your pictures and progress. AND VOW WITHOUT FAIL to, as soon as you get up, post your day's goals. Just post a couple or three. How much water. How many steps or minutes walking. What foods you will eat (a plan). Do this every morning. It will focus you. It will help.

    New blog. Fresh start. fresh colors. Pictures for accountability (of body). Weigh-ins once a week or once a month. And daily goals.

    It will help with structure. If you focus on being accountable with ONE BLOG POST as soon as you get up, to focus you for the day, trust me, it will help some with the otehr stuff.

    This blog is full of setbacks and excuses. Leave it behind as a placeholder. Move on to a new one with a new fresh year.

    I hope to see you succeed.

    And I hope you stop ignoring the emails of the professionals and supporters tryign to help you. Think how you'd feel if people ignored YOUR emails. It hurts and it's kinda rude, right?

    So, just say, "When they email me, I will honestly email back and buck up and wear my big girl panties." Those are good people. They won't berate you. They just wanna help,, right?

    I hope this year sees you turn into a butterfly. Best of luck!