Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 237

I know, I know, it's been far too long since I've posted. In my (slight) defense, I was sick for more than a week - strep throat and then what I think was an allergic reaction to the antibiotics (rash over my entire body, wanted to tear my skin off). Fun. The ONLY upside to the whole thing was that I think it may have jumpstarted my weight loss again, as I was down a few pounds (finally) as of a couple days ago. (So, weigh in weight was 313 - that's 68 pounds, or 38% of what I want to lose.)

Now, I worry that might be temporary, and with a family wedding and a little vacation with the kiddos after that may be challenging. But my episode of Dr. Oz reaired last week, and while I didn't see it live, I am planning to rewatch the show, probably this weekend. I think I need to use it as a motivator to remember why I'm doing all this, and help push me out of the complacency I've been in. I'm not upset - I'm glad I've been able to maintain for a few months, which shows me that I can handle life at this weight with some but not too too much work. But I don't want to stay at this weight and so I need to motivate again to get back on track and start losing again. With the summer wrapping up, and the weather improving, goals include:
  • Getting up at least 3 days a week (more would be good, of course) to walk in the mornings
  • Beginning to write down all that I eat again and track that 
  • Send that to Dr. Roisen - I've ignored him for months...out of shame and guilt...
  • Sign up for at least 2-3 5K walks this fall - that really helped me motivate and if I can do that again it'd be great
I'm setting September 1 as my "restart" date, but not in a way that between now and then I can go crazy. I think I just need to have something to mentally start focusing on and that's as good a date as any. Work also seems like it's stabilizing and I am starting to think about joining the gym here at the office, since I might have more time to actually go during the day. Sigh. This is hard, but what's the saying? "Food doesn't taste as good as thin feels"?? Well, I don't know what "thin" feels like, but I do know what really big, and tired, and no energy feels like, and it's not good. I felt GREAT when I did the 5K in June, and I need to keep remembering that feeling, and knowing that sugar makes me feel exactly the opposite, and crappy. What are other people's goals for the fall? It would help me to know others are working on things too...


  1. My goal is to get back to my couch to 5K program three times a week in the fall. I want to start swimming a few times a week and weight-lifting once or twice a week as well, but I don't know how I'll fit all that in. I have just really gotten off the ball lately, and I don't want to go back to how I was before. I ran and walked a 5K last month, but I want to know what it feels like to RUN a 5K next summer, and the only way that's going to happen is if I get back on track NOW before I lose all the progress I've made.

  2. Hi Jen,
    So glad to hear that you are hanging in there. I fully understand the shame and guilt part.It is so easy to fall back into bad habits as I do when life hits you.I hope you don't give up trying. You may not realize it but you verbalizing your struggle helps everyone who is going through the same struggle and I think there are a lot of us.It is so difficult going public. A lot of extra pressure on you. I appreciate your honesty.I have been stuck too, doing a yo-yo. Gain a few then lose them. Going up and down the same few pounds. Time to do what we know by heart has to be done.It is possible. Keep well.

  3. Keep going, Jen! If you feel good about the 38% loss, imagine what you'll feel like at 50% or 60%...and on. It takes so much discipline and strength to do something like this, and something that requires attention EVERY day! But, the outcome is well worth it.

    You have great goals and I wish you the best in doing them. I remember a goal of mine was to be able to walk the entire distance of a local trail. I was elated when I did so without struggle. My goal then increased to being able to run portions of this trail...eventually I was able to run the ENTIRE thing. I couldn't believe how good I felt - I still remember that day and how good it felt. I continue to increase my goals. That distance was just under two goal today is a full marathon and a triathlon! Sometimes I can't believe how far I've come.

    While the physical events may not be in your list of goals (i.e. I look forward to breaking personal records, going further...faster...stronger...longer), think about things that will keep you going!!! Your personal goals, no matter how big or little, are what will get you through.

    What am I working on right now?

    * Would LOVE to shed more 10-15 pounds, bringing my total to 90-ish. I think my biggest problem is my love of "adult beverages"...definitely hindering my progress. So...I guess I have to cut back on the drinking :(

    * Exercising in the morning...I'm not a morning person and usually do all my stuff at night, but this has been proven to increase chances of weight loss and help build strength...two of my goals.

    * Finish the Baltimore half marathon in under 2 hours and 10 minutes (shaving 10 minutes off my last time). That takes place October 10.

    * Targeting the Walt Disney World full marathon at the beginning of January.

    * Completing a sprint triathlon (this fall, though lack of money will be my only hindrance)...SO, I have to work really hard on my swimming :(

    Good luck and keep going!! Keep us posted!!!