Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 255

Twizzlers are tasty. But as good as they tasted going down, I didn't feel good afterwards, physically or emotionally. I was eating them as part of a stress/coping mechanism... but I think I'm really getting to the point that my brain and body are working somewhat in sync against highly processed foods. So, if I'm going to have a cupcake, it'll be a real one bought from a real bakery, not a Hostess cupcake. I have found myself standing in 7-11 and the grocery store staring at things, trying to rationalize eating them ("just one, you deserve it, it's okay to slip as long as you're being conscious and deliberate about it, etc..."), and I've turned away and walked out.

I could be better about my eating at this point, but I REALLY need to get back into the walking. I am still focusing on September 1 as my "restarting" point. I also am inspired by my cousin Liesl's comment on my last blog post about setting interim personal goals. Weight-loss-wise, the next goal is to lose this nagging 20 pounds and get to 300 finally. Exercise-wise - hmm... well, first, to change the battery in my pedometer so that I can wear it again! Then, maybe I can focus again on hitting a certain number of steps each day - 7500? And finally, tracking food and emailing Dr. Roisen again... stay tuned...

And once we get back into a routine with school, etc., I need to get serious about identifying some good, healthy, EASY, kid-friendly dinners for me and the kiddos. Not just for the food but to make sure we have some family dinner time. Any ideas or suggestions for dinners that a) can be made simply (under 20 minutes) that are kid-friendly, or b) that can be made during the afternoon by my nanny and I can just heat up?

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  1. Hi there.

    How about we do the Falls Church Foundation Run/Walk? 9/12/10

    I'm doing the Acumen Race for the Cause 10/17 also.

    And, here's the Web site I mentioned about food/menus for little ones. Looks like fun!


    Don't miss the gorgeous weather this weekend for a long walk in your great local park!