Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 275

I think I was a little nutty yesterday - my husband and I planned to take the kids to do a 1 mile Family Fun walk for our local schools' education foundation...but it was raining so we let them stay at home with my mother and Pat and I (and my stepfather) decided on the spur of the moment to walk the full 5K race course! We were last to cross the finish line, but I think I improved my time from the first one I did, finishing in 62 minutes. Pretty good, considering I hadn't done any training walks in months! We are sore today though - my thighs and knees and Pat's ankles...but I'm pretty pleased that I was able to finish! I kept getting worried that they'd pull us from the course for being slow (there were only about 225 people who participated, a far cry from the tens of thousands at the walk I did downtown in June), but our deputy sheriff who kept coming up behind us was very supportive and cheered us on the whole way. It was a hillier course than the other one too...

Of course, the 11,000+ steps I did yesterday meant I let myself slip significantly at dinner. Sigh. One (or more) steps forward, another step back...!

I did finally do a weigh in, and I'm at 317. So, better than I had been anticipating, and if I can stay on course and not keep "allowing" myself these little slips, and start walking more again (I'm about to take a break from work in the next few minutes to go take a walk!), I should be able to get that down to 300 by Halloween.

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