Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 172

I did it again!! I got up at 6 and got out the door for a 40 minute walk! Even a tiny bit faster this time...although, happily, Shelley says that doing the walk in 90 minutes or so should be fine, and this morning I walked about a 23 minute mile... sounds so slow when I say it like that...

I will say, it was harder today to get up than yesterday. I took longer to pull myself out of bed, and easily could have fallen back asleep. But then I'd be berating myself now. And once I got going, I was really glad I did, it was a beautiful day, not too hot at that point, and I love exploring different streets around our neighborhood that I certainly never look at as closely as when I'm walking. I am a tired puppy now though, and could easily curl up under my desk and sleep! That energy boost from exercise has NOT kicked in yet...

I don't think I'll have the time to do a full 5k walk before Saturday - but for all you experienced walkers and runners out there, if I can do at least a 2 mile walk or slightly more, tomorrow or Friday, then I should be able to push it on Saturday, right? Especially with the momentum of all the inspiring people around me? Any other advice or tips?? Thanks for all the support!

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  1. I have a ton of friends who run marathons - and they all have said the same thing to me, which is to never go the full distance before a big event. For marathons, which I think are 26 miles they stop training at around 20 - so I think you'll be fine with the distances you've been going! Good luck on Saturday!!