Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 178

(Frustratingly, Blogger was down yesterday so I couldn't post this earlier!!)

I DID IT!! I walked the WHOLE 5K, without stopping! And I felt GREAT! I think I would have hit a wall and stopped around the second mile mark, but there were so many inspirational people around me, and everyone just kept walking, so it was easy to just go with the flow. Afterwards I was tired but exhilarated! AND, I wasn't last - I made sure to start towards the front of the pack and so there were lots and lots and lots of people behind me. BUT, even if I HAD been last, the important thing would have been to finish.

So, now I'm going to sign up for another one! And another one! Having something to work towards I think is going to be key to keep me motivated. As it was, I took Sunday off to rest, and then (amazingly) got up yesterday morning to walk. But, this morning was different - I was up twice at night with the kiddos, and just was too tired. So, it'll be even more amazing if I can get up again tomorrow and walk.

Unfortunately, I seem to be undermining myself - now that I've so raised my steps numbers, I'm slipping all over the place on food. So when I weighed in yesterday I was at 320 again, and today the scale jumped up to 330!! Ick. I am choosing to reject today's number and try to refocus...

A big shout out to Reco who walked with me the whole way on Saturday (she's amazing - the 5K was a little stroll for her, a warm up for the 10 mile+ walk she was taking the rest of the day!), and also to my dear friend Terri who RAN the 5K (you go girl!!) and then walked back a mile to meet up with us and walk the last mile to the finish line again! Being around people like that are inspirational - this mobility thing is NOT a mirage, but is actually a possibility!


  1. YAY! Congratulations! Reading this has really been an inspiration to me. I have been doubting my ability to run my first 5K on July 10 (which will actually be a mixture of both running and walking), and seeing that you have overcome a challenge of similar magnitude for you reminds me that I can do it, too. Success is ours! :)

  2. Congratulations!!! I felt the same way after my first 5K, it's awesome to see all the people around you and after a few more now what I really want to do is work towards running one :) you'll definitely get there!

  3. I was so proud of Jen - she looked great! (Where's the photo?!) Just one step at a time! Terri

  4. Yay, a 5k is a huge success. Keep going, don't you just love knowing it is all possible? Love ya