Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 200

Just a big THANK YOU to everyone who has commented on my last post. I really appreciate and value all the encouraging words of support and advice. I've always known that I've had the support of my husband, family, etc., but this is just such a neat way to know that there are others who are struggling with the same things, and that it's not me who's failing, but that this is just really really hard and it just takes work.

I'm going to try and do a few things:
1) Keep reminding myself that each day, each hour, is unique and a unique choice - not to "write off the summer" as someone wrote, which was a great reminder that every little choice DOES matter, and it doesn't have to be an all or nothing thing.
2) Start recording all my food again, for better or worse. Dr. Roizen emailed me a few days ago saying "where are you??" and I have been too embarrassed to email him back. Thinking about "do I want to write down that I ate this?" may help.
3) Try to find a way to MOVE more - even just every other day for now. I was even walking more when I started this and was going around the building a few times a day - at a minimum I can do that again, although I agree with Erica, outside is much more appealing (it just seems like more work than just getting up for a few minutes and walking down the hall).
4) Try to keep remembering how far I've come. Someone at work this morning just commented that she thinks I'm looking really good, and while I wanted to discount that because I've been stagnant, she was amazed at the fact that I've lost 60 pounds (or a dozen 5-pound bags of flour, as she puts it!) And walking through the airport last weekend I felt fine, not worn out and slow and tired like I used to. I need to keep remembering those sorts of things...

THANK YOU again for all the support!


  1. You are doing great! Like you I forget to celebrate the little things and focus on the negative instead. I love your attitude! You have come so far and losing 60 pounds is incredible! Keep it up girl! :)

  2. You're doing great! I have been a bit stagnant lately (seems like I'm following you in more than just the blog) but I'm trying to get back to recognizing my little successes and set new challenging goals. You're doing great - just keep going, even if it seems slower now than when you first started!