Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 60

Well, I hit a nice round number yesterday morning on the scale! Down to 341 pounds, which is 40 pounds from where I started! As my coworker would say, that's 8 bags of flour piled up!

The last week has been so hard stuck inside the house. Somehow this snow not only activates comfort food cravings, but also makes me feel lethargic and not want to move. I got outside today though, in the brief lull before the next storm started earlier tonight, and went to the grocery store. And successfully resisted buying donuts and cake and other things I would have normally eaten.

This weekend was full of temptations, and I didn't completely resist. Sunday was the Superbowl, and we had company, so we ordered pizza. I had leftover whole wheat pasta, and veggies, but did eat about 2/3 of a slice of pizza. Then it was one of our visitor's birthdays, and I resisted the cake that night, but had a sliver the next day. And yesterday my son wanted to make cookies - I didn't have to make a whole batch since we have some frozen 'break and bake" dough, but he absolutely insisted, to the point of tears, that I had to eat a cookie.

I've explained to him that certain things "aren't on my diet," and often he'll ask now if something is or is not on my diet before we eat it. He'll even ask if something is on my diet before he eats it, and then he'll say "it's on my diet too," or if I say no, it's not on mine, he'll often say "well, it is on my diet." I don't want him getting any messages about a huge focus on weight, but I think right now he doesn't put that together with the word "diet" - it's just about what I eat or don't eat. I really need to watch it though, I'm almost afraid to use the word at all around the kids, because I don't want either of them, but especially my daughter, picking up negative body image issues.

I did make what I thought was a great dinner last night, although the kids were only lukewarm on it. Thanks to a recipe from the Kraft website, I modified it slightly and it was so yummy. Chicken breasts cut in strips and cooked in a pan with a little olive oil, add taco seasoning packet, one cup salsa and two cups water, bring to boil, then add four cups instant rice, cook til rice is done. I used instant brown rice and whole grain tortillas, sprinkled a little part skim, low fat shredded cheese on it, and really enjoyed it. And I have enough left over for at least three more meals.

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  1. Congratulations. 40 pounds gone!!! We are so hard on ourselves and want perfection.You did a great job on handeling the added stress of the storm. I have a hard time wraping my brain around not being obsessed with food but thinking about it enough to make the right choices. Raising children there is so much to worry about.We want them to have a healthy wonderful life and not pick up our bad habits. When my son was 10 we think it was a virus attacked his kindneys ( never proven)There was a point that his kidney function went so low that it looked like he might need a transplant. I was devastated as I thought what have I done as I was 233 pounds and might not be able to give my son a kidney due to my bad eating habits, as it turned out his kidneys healed and he is a healthy 30 year old today.Even that did not cause me to take better care of myself. I did for a short time but soon slipped back to using food for comfort. I think we have to build up our arsenel of non food coping mechanisims and a lifetime of coping a certain way with food takes time to change. You go girl.