Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 52

Not sure I'm trusting my scale...I was down another 3 pounds this morning, for a total loss of 36 pounds! That's about what my son weighs! And, percentage-wise, that's about 20% of the way to my goal! Wow. A fifth of the way there. That's a better way to look at things.

I'm still at 345 pounds...which means that if, no, WHEN, I lose about this amount again, in my mind that only gets me back down to where I was pre-kiddos (it's not pregnancy weight per se, since they're adopted, but I'd say it essentially came around the time of the first kid...!) So that means, to me, at that point is when the "real" weight loss begins, when we move into the realm of "this is how much I weighed when I was trying to get pregnant" (about 260); "this is how much I weighed when we got married" (about 245); and "this is how much I weighed when I was at my lowest point ever" (about 220).

I am wearing a shirt today that I bought a few months ago, and at that time could only wear under things. Today I felt like it looked good enough to wear on its own.

I did get back on the horse yesterday, and managed to get through the third birthday party of the weekend without eating any pizza or cake. My friend Erica just commented about how her husband approaches dieting, telling himself that "even if this is the BEST cake/whatever in the world, some day I'll be able to eat it again, just not now." It's a good philosophy, one I think my mind has been dancing around, so it's good to hear it in words. The husband said yesterday that he's thinking for our tenth anniversary (Oct. 2011) he wants to investigate getting a custom made cake from Charm City Cakes in Baltimore (of "Ace of Cakes" fame on the Food Network). I know that food is NOT the best reward, but that would be something to deliberately, mindfully work towards as a treat - but ONLY if I'm at a good weight at that point!

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  1. Yeah! Trust the scale. Keep walking. So proud of you. Terri