Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 74

Just a quick update - yesterday morning I weighed in at 333 pounds, down 48 from where I started! Now, I went to my doctor a few hours later, and got on her scale, and was only at 337, and that's probably more accurate and closer to the original Oz scale than mine at home...but I like my number better! 48 pounds lost is 27% of the amount I'm hoping to lose - that's a QUARTER of the way! That sounds pretty good to me...

Even better, I also had my blood pressure taken at the doctor's. This was honestly better to hear than the weight loss this week. On the show my BP was 142/94 (or something like that, I'd have to check the exact numbers).Yesterday it was 128/82. Still not super low, but that's generally what it's been for years, and that's a whole lot less worrisome than what it had been. So, I'm MUCH more relieved about that!

Keep those great travel food suggestions coming...


  1. The progress keeps on coming! All those numbers are so great! Keep it going, you'll be to your goal in no time...and by then you'll want to keep it all part of the everyday routine.


  2. Way to go Jennifer. You can do this. There is nothing better than knowing that your health is improving. Diana

  3. Awesome results and progress!!

    My go-to healthy and super quick meal for the kids is rice & beans. I learned that the older kids loved this with our Ecuadorian nanny and my little guy loves it too. I use Goya black bean soup - comes in a red can and heats up in no time on the stove and I get those Trader Joe's frozen microwave rice packs (3 mins and dinner's on), they even come in brown rice if you want to go healthier. Lately I have been adding in some pureed veggies - I use Happy Baby brand frozen pureed sweet potatoes or spinach - it pops out & 30 seconds in microwave. The kids don't know this is in their food but they like veggies generally so this is my way of getting them to eat more variety. I also usually add in shredded mexican cheese, avocado and chopped up cherry tomatoes. Also, for bigger kids, I put it all into a whole grain burrito wrap. Seriously, I can have this on the table in 5 minutes from walking in the door and they all love it.

    Keep up the great progress!