Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 71

I realized today when one of my biggest weak-willed times is - when I'm tired and worn down. I think I've gotten to the point where I can resist most things that I shouldn't eat on a day-in, day-out basis - not saying I won't/haven't occasionally slipped, but it usually is for something really worth slipping for, and it's a deliberate (mindful!) decision to eat whatever it is (really good french fries, amazing cupcakes). But today was a LONG day, and the kids are just going through some sort of phase, so they're tired and cranky and whiny and, well, exhausting. It was as I was driving to the birthday party with them this afternoon that I found myself wanting to slip up and just eat crap without thinking about it. It's like when I'm really tired I just don't have the energy to summon up the willpower to know what's best for me and my body, and I just want to zone out and soothe that exhaustion with junk. I suppose the first step in fixing a problem is recognizing it...but when I'm weary, the idea of something sweet and sugary sounds really good. But I do know that even when I have slipped, I don't feel good after the fact - my body is definitely getting used to having minimal amounts of sugar, and it feels funny when I do eat some.

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  1. I wonder if gum would be helpful in this scenario? Terri

    PS: The Pro Bar comment was from me- they are at Whole Foods and REI.