Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 50

(Wow, 50 days since this started - that's a long time...)

So, we're just going to pretend this day never happened. I took my son to two birthday parties today. I was pretty good at the first one, although I had a few bites of cake (after a three bite tuna whole wheat sandwich, some fruit, and some cherry tomatoes). But the second party needs to just go into a box and not be discussed ever again. They had homemade dumplings, sushi, and some of those yummy puff pastry appetizers. And great cake. I wasn't mindful at all, once I let myself eat a couple bites, I just let it go. Aye, yay, yay.

Okay, I slipped. I let myself slip, and I knew it was happening as I was doing it. Okay, move on. Tomorrow is another day. Dr. Albers made the point to me after a previous post that I shouldn't look at is as never eating X or Y ever again, but just not eating those things while I'm trying to lose weight. When I get to maintaining (seems SO far away!), then I can allow myself to eat an occasional treat.

I don't feel well right now though, with the sugar and the carbs. Hopefully I can remember this and not do it again next time.


  1. Jennifer-Even when my day goes wrong, and I feel badly about my behavior: somehow I know that even pain and suffering can be of value-even my uncomfortable anxiety about myself can be used .I know you have the vigilance to start your day all over again anytime. I am so proud of you asking for help and I admire your honesty and forgiving nature.

  2. Hey Jennifer,
    Just remember - no one is perfect & we are ALL going to have slip ups from time to time. You are doing the RIGHT thing by just saying that tomorrow is another day. At least you didn't say - I'll start again on Monday. It is easy for all of us to read your blog & comment, but some of us - me for one - I seem to be failing on a daily basis & we don't have anyone to be accountable too. I am here & I will continue to read your blog (good or bad)and I will keep rooting for you!!! KEEP GOING!!!

  3. Jen - slip-ups are bound to happen and you are exactly right in brushing them off and looking and moving forward only. There's something Josh says when he's dieting (he generally goes for the low-carb kind of diets) that helps him avoid the slip-ups and I'll share in case it will be a good one for you. He tells himself, "I don't need to have that bread/cookie/cake/chips because I've had it before and will again. And even if it's the BEST bread/cookie..., I've had amazing bread/cookie... before and will again." Somehow, this helps him feel like he's not missing out. In a few days/weeks, it won't matter that he missed that amazing piece of bread but he'll be that much closer to his goal for having skipped it. In your case, it may be a long time before you can treat yourself to treats without the guilt, but you will get there and you'll enjoy them all the more!

    Keep up the fantastic work! I wish I lived closer and could go on walks with you.