Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 1

So here we go. Day one of the rest of my life.

No, no, that’s way too much pressure! Let’s start over.

So here we go. Day one. Baby steps. One minute at a time.

Unfortunately, long before I knew about the show or when I was going to be on, I had scheduled a breakfast with an old coworker – at the local bakery by the office. Argh. This place has long been my downfall – when I would take the subway, any calories I’d burn by the walking in the subway would be far offset by the two pastries I’d stop and get here on my way into the office. Usually a chocolate croissant and a cherry turnover…or a cinnamon roll…or a cheese Danish…on and on. So, what did I do this time? A bagel, sesame, with a little bit of cream cheese. May not sound like a huge improvement, but boy, that was a hard change for me from what I usually get there!

Mid-morning – HUNGRY. Is it real hunger or something else? Where am I on the scale? Okay, it’s about a 3. I haven’t had a chance to fill my desk with good snacks yet, but luckily I did have some dehydrated banana slices and blueberries from Trader Joes. Okay, something light to munch on. (This filled my afternoon snack needs too – twice!)

Lunch – chicken Caesar salad, with light dressing. The cafeteria downstairs says it’s only 620 calories. Lots of protein and lettuce though.

Late afternoon – want to eat!! Only at a 2 on the scale, but needing something sweet! I’ve stayed away from the candy bowl outside my office all day (normally I’d have had at least 3 candies by now)…so maybe I can finish off a the dark chocolate bar I had in my desk. Only about 200 calories I think.

Dinner – argh! We’re going out, to Wendy’s. How bad is a baked potato with cheese and chili? Actually, it’s worse than the spicy chicken sandwich. Good to know for next time. At least I resist the kids’ fries – okay, I had a couple, but only a couple!

I walked about 3000 steps today! That was a pleasant surprise. Okay, one day down. We’re not going to think about how many more…just one day down.

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