Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 10

Last night I dreamt about having a giant ice cream sundae...

Still feeling frustrated by the choices from yesterday. Anxious about the snow coming this weekend, because being snowed in has always equaled hunkering down with comfort food. P. went to the store yesterday and bought lots of healthy things so I'd have something around. I'm feeling overwhelmed by all this, and tired though. It's really hard to just be mindful of choices, much less to do enough advance planning and strategizing and shifting in what I eat as well as how I eat, on top of the holiday craziness, work craziness, trying to think about and get enough steps...


  1. I love the dream. When I stopped drinking I had dreams of bottles of Merlot! Lean Cuisines don't fill anyone up, so stop beating yourself up. I like the bit about carrying around healthy snacks so you don't get hungry. That is so key for me because when I let myself get really hungry I totally go overboard and end up eating weird food combos (bags of marshmallows and peanut satay). What helped me the most when I lost a bunch of weight (I had a talking to by my doctor after I got on the scale) was increased exercise. I started walking and ended up working myself up to running. Now I don't have to be as psycho about my food as I used to because I try to never miss my runs. I am routing for you.

  2. Hope you survived the snow day!!!