Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 5

Day 5

We put up the Christmas tree today! I have to remember to put on my pedometer as soon as I wake up in the morning – I’m sure I did at least a few hundred steps (or more) before I remembered.

I made breakfast for the kiddos – pancakes, eggs, and sausage – and normally I would eat at least 6 pancakes drenched in syrup. But instead: two slices of whole grain bread with no-cal butter spray. And then a late lunch of soup, shared with the little guy – only about 350 calories in my portion.

The day itself was quiet and I was worried I’d hit a new low for steps, but then I went out with a friend to the theater, and we parked in a building nearby, forcing us to walk a bit. That got me an additional 2400 steps right there. And, I went out with him for Thai food before the theater – normally I would have a peanut curry with potatoes…but this time I skipped the dumplings, spring rolls, and satay (which is only good when heavily dipped in peanut sauce), and went for sautéed chicken and vegetables in a light soy-based sauce. It did have cashews, which I know isn’t the best nut, but which did add a nice sweet kick. Other big accomplishment was only eating half my rice (about a cup) – usually I would eat two bowls worth with the peanut curry sauce. I also resisted my favorite thai iced tea, usually a treat when I get to go out for thai food.

It surprisingly wasn’t too hard yesterday. Not holding my breath that it’ll stay so manageable, but I made it through another day!

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