Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 8

Today had some ups and downs.

Big up was having such a super supportive group of coworkers - they have decided they want to engage in this journey with me, not necessarily to lose weight in all cases, but just to be healthier and to be supportive of each other as a group. We met today for the first time about this and I got all sorts of tangible ideas as well as a lot of intangible moral support that I know is going to invaluable as I move forward here. They all then walked with me around the building - two laps! - later in the afternoon - nice to have the company. One of my coworkers also offered to teach us all juggling as an activity to take short stress breaks as well as stretch our hand and arm muscles (which often get stiff sitting at computers all day). I had never thought of this - could be a lot of fun!

Down - well, here's where being a mom runs smack into the middle of trying to eat healthfully. I got home from work late and so the kids had already eaten, and wanted to go upstairs and change into pajamas. We ended up staying upstairs until bedtime - I had to decide if it was worth the struggle of going downstairs with them and knowing it might take two or three times as long to get them back upstairs and they'd go to bed that much later, or stay upstairs and get them to bed a bit earlier but I wouldn't be able to eat anything until after they went to sleep. The mom part won, and I stayed upstairs, but so it was then 8:30 and I was hungry. I came down and had a Lean Cuisine, but I was still hungry and craving something sweet, so I had a bunch of animal crackers. Dr. R. has said don't eat within three hours of bedtime, so I broke that rule not once but twice. I guess I should pat myself on the back that I didn't give in and eat something worse than animal crackers. (I did have one small slip today - I had a small piece (really!) of chocolate toffee that was sent to the office from a contractor - didn't I have to so that I could tell them how good it tasted?)

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