Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 2

Day two.

People at work keep asking about the show. They want to start a group here to follow along with my “plan” and incorporate these changes into their lives too. Family members have been super supportive as well and want to join in. If this is having this kind of (potential) impact just on the people I know, maybe it can reach others once this airs.

I can’t get over my apprehension about people seeing how much I weigh on national tv. My only hope is that I can do well enough between now and when it airs so I can say to people that I don’t weigh that much anymore!

Today’s big difficulty was our son’s class Hanukkah party. I was starved, and succumbed to the call of the latkes. Too many of them (6?), but only with applesauce, not sour cream. And a little brisket (sorry, it really had nothing on my grandmother’s brisket, which was just AMAZING). And fruit. But only a tiny tiny bite of chocolate cake – literally, a fingertip sized crumb just to taste it (it was good though – and is now sitting on my counter at home!) I resisted the cookies too, even though they were from my favorite local bakery.

I’m finding myself hungry at night though like I never used to be. A couple nights ago I had some animal crackers, but this may need some suggestions for alternatives.

About 4500 steps today with all the party craziness!

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