Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 4

I miss food. I mean, I miss sweet, white flour, high carb, sugary food. I can't think like this (so says my husband, P.) And I know he's right - it's not like I will never be able to eat a donut ever again. But still, I can't eat them weekly like I have been.

We went to the mall with the kids, but didn't go to the movies. I did my due diligence and checked out the Chik-fil-A nutrition information on line before we went (this is after I realized that when we went to Wendy's the other night that my baked potato with cheese and chili was more calories than P.'s spicy chicken sandwich). I had a chicken wrap, and I did let myself have some french fries, with some ketchup even. It's funny, I usually don't want ketchup much, but tonight it was really really tasty. And a diet soda.

Heard from Dr. Roizen - tomorrow I need to clean out our kitchen of everything with refined sugars, saturated and trans fats, and enriched flour. This will be difficult with the two little kids. Not even so much in terms of the food but more in terms of what am I going to do for quick, healthy, kid-friendly dinners. Suggestions welcome!

I also need to shift my view of weekends to realize that they are a time that I can fit in more exercise rather than less. My steps today were only about 2800, even with our walking around the mall a bit. I usually see the weekend as a time to rest and relax, not to take the time to get up and move more. Dr. R. has set me an initial goal of 4500 steps a day, encouraging me to even walk around the house at night to get them all in if I need to. Not sure I can do another 1700 tonight, but I will try and do a few more. (Do I get more credit for going up stairs?)

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  1. Cooking dinner is the hardest, but Trader Joe's has a big selection of healthy food that is quick to make. The sugar and white flour is in everything. So hard to find food for working moms. Sending you good thoughts.