Monday, December 21, 2009

Days 11 and 12

Stuck inside... not much to do when there are multiple feet of snow being dumped outside. The kids had no interest in going outside, and the husband took on the mammoth job of shoveling (I think I would have lasted all of about 3 minutes considering the weight of the snow.) I did okay food-wise, although again, it was hard given that usually when we hunker down inside we surround ourselves with comfort food. Compound this that the kids are sweet and sharing and always trying to give me (even push into my mouth!) pieces of their food.

But I did okay overall - I had tried to plan ahead and get enough good foods into the house before the storm. I did tend to eat a little bit of what the kids were eating, but just in much more limited quantities (P. made challah french toast on Saturday, but I just had one slice and just a drizzle of syrup - again, previously I would have likely had 3 slices drenched in syrup.) I also made two different batches of cookies for Christmas, but didn't eat a single one, or even lick the beaters. Thought that was pretty good will power!

My steps were (not surprisingly) lower than ideal, only about 2500 on Saturday, but I got up to about 4000 on Sunday. That was only because at around 11 at night I decided that I wanted to go take a walk in the quiet and the snow. I think I surprised P. (and surprised myself!) by motivating that late at night, getting on socks and shoes, and going out for a 20 min walk down the street. It got me another 1800 steps in, and was quite pleasant - when I was growing up I remember really enjoying quiet late evening walks in the snow. It's just so peaceful - and it wasn't that difficult to get myself out of the house! And I slept better too.


  1. I am praying for you Jen. I congratulate you on your dedication. I know it must be extremely hard. It will get easier though. Just hang in there. I did want you to know that I won't be sending the gift box of tastykakes. I know how much you were looking forward to them but I think the temptation will be too great. I will keep you in mind as a reward next Christmas. Keep going and keep walking. Walking does get addicting - I promise.

  2. Jennifer you are doing so good! I am envious of your late night snow walk, that sounds beautiful. And I don't know how you made cookies without a bite of the dough - you have some real will-power going! Keep up the good work!! Megan McC.

  3. Thanks, Barbara, about the tastykakes. I had forgotten about them, but I think you're absolutely right. Please keep them away!!