Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 26

Things I want to do when I'm thinner (in no particular order):
  •  Cross my legs
  • Walk into a regular department store and buy clothes off the rack
  • Not dread having to walk up a flight of stairs
  • Be able to jump on a mattress with my kids
  • Walk without my thighs chafing (that will be a LONG time coming!)
  • Be able to easily sit down and get up off the floor
  • Walk through restaurants with tables close together and not worry about knocking over wine glasses with my butt (yes, this has happened, more than once)

(this list will likely grow - other suggestions are most welcome!)


  1. Great list. I completely identify with all of them! I would add sit comfortably on a plane. I remember being happy not to have to ask for an extension. But being truly comfortable, even in a middle seat, is heaven! Really, being able to sit in any seat (plane, theater, etc.) comfortably is a blessing.

  2. * Yoga
    * Run a marathon with Laura in Italy (Firenze or Roma)
    * Wear tall boots (that is my goal anyways)

  3. I can't wait to cross my legs again!!! I haven't told anyone that, but it's one of my "secret" goals. :)