Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 38

Well, a better weigh in this morning - I'm down 5 more pounds. That brings me up to 31 total. Why though does that make me feel like I can slack today and not be as good, rather than refocusing me and giving me the inspiration to redouble my efforts? I let myself have a few little chocolate "pearls" that my kids were eating - and not even dark chocolate.

The other thing that I realized is really quite difficult for me to adjust to is that for the first time in my 25 years or so of dieting efforts, this is the first time that I am not needing to focus on calories. For example, with Weight Watchers, as my husband likes to say, you could spend all your "points" in a day eating just marshmallow Peeps (you might be hungry, but it would technically be acceptable). In this case, when on Thursday I planned in advance for the dinner party and ate light during the day, Dr. R. said that wasn't acceptable because I still ate things that I shouldn't have. It's a real mental shift that's taking a long time to understand and adjust to.

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  1. Hi friend. Would love to know your progress in % if you are willing to share. Are you 30% of the way to your goal or 60%? Seems to me like you have made GREAT progress in 38 days.