Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 41

How surreal to watch myself on television. I knew it was coming, but it's still strange. I just don't see myself as large as I appeared on the tv. I was able to watch it at home alone, which I think was ultimately good. It was hard to see myself as others see me, especially thinking that there are strangers watching and judging me. Everyone has been so sweet so far though. I am extremely lucky to have so many wonderful supporters routing for me. I really appreciate everyone's love and support!


  1. You looked truly beautiful, and you are incredibly brave to bare your soul on TV like that. You are not only helping yourself, but you will inspire others.

  2. You were beautiful and powerful in your honesty! An inspiration. Terri

  3. Jen - I was really impressed with how completely composed and well-spoken you were on TV! And the connection between you and Pat was quite touching. 17% is a fantastic start - a solid dent for sure. 6 packages of flour sounds like quite a big deal and it's only been a little more than a month. You're doing great and I'll be rooting for you from Boston all the way to your goal!!

  4. Hey Jennifer!!! I am so excited that I have FINALLY found your blog. It took me a little while. When I saw you on Dr. Oz I was so shocked to see someone who finally had legs that looked like mine. We are (were) pretty much the same size when you filmed the segment. I am so tired of being so overweight.
    I am truly thankful to you for going on the show. That is something that I would never be strong enough to do because I am so embarassed and ashamed at how I look.
    I am so looking forward to following your progress and starting my own journey!!!
    My biggest challenge to start with is walking. I can walk for a short distance and it just kills my lower back.
    Again I want to THANK YOU so very much for being so brave and CONGRATS on already losing 31 lbs. I am so proud of you and for you!!! Keep up the good work - I know you will. If there are any tips that you can send me - please do. My e-mail is